ST. LOUIS, MO – St. Louis may soon get its first food truck park — a regular gathering spot for some of the area’s best-regarded mobile kitchens. The proposed site is on a stretch of South Vandeventer Avenue — not far from the popular Grove entertainment district — that officials hope to regenerate with new businesses.

Some planning remains, and the park’s developers have yet to choose the project’s name. But they have a site and hope to conduct a food truck pop-up event there this fall.

If plans work out, next spring a rotating assemblage of food trucks will begin to operate daily on what is now an overgrown lot next to the long-ago home of Liberty Bell Oil Co. The vacant building at 1430 South Vandeventer will be redone as the joint commissary for the food trucks.

And not just any food trucks. Jamie and Bill Cawthon, whose Frankly Artisan Sausages food truck hit the streets last year, will vet food truck operators who want to use the park on Vandeventer.

“This will be food sort of curated by Bill,” Jamie Cawthon said. “We want people to know that the food they’re getting in this park is of excellent quality.”

Paramount Property Development owns the Liberty Bell building, the planned centerpiece of the project expected to cost more than $2 million. Kyle Miller, Paramount’s chief executive, said he believes Vandeventer will soon resemble the Grove entertainment district three blocks away on Manchester Avenue.

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