Once the purview of immigrant cooks, food trucks are now often art-designed and run by culinary school grads, celebrity chefs, and even aspiring stars with no culinary cred. Their quirky names pun on sexual innuendo, they serve food (often fusion) to go, they’ve lowered the financial bar for becoming a restaurateur, and have helped make the everyman and woman, critics. A year ago, editorial pushback on the trend indicated a peak. Instead, it increased twofold over the past two years in cities like St. Louis and Boston, while on tested asphalt in Los Angeles and New York, its presence strengthened; Restaurant Reporter approximated that there were more than 6,000 food trucks in Los Angeles County alone as of 2011. No, food trucks are here to stay, many serving terrific grub — enough to merit determining America’s best.

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Daily Meal’s 101 Best Food Trucks in America

101 Ebbett’s Good to Go
100 Happy Grillmore
99 Pot Kettle Black
98 The Slide Ride
97 Tokyo Crepes
96 Seoul Taco
95 Bloomy’s Roast Beef
94 Cucina Zapata
93 Hello My Name is BBQ
92 Vellee Deli
91 Momogoose
90 Sushi Fix
89 Empanada Intifada
88 Seoul Sausage
87 Iyanzé (aka “The African Truck”)
86 Foodie Call
85 The People’s Pig
84 Curbside Cravings
83 Cha Cha Chow
82 Tacos El Asadero
81 El Norteño
80 CapMac
79 Tasty Kabob
78 South Philly Experience
77 Solber Pupusas
76 Liba Falafel Truck
75 Souvlaki GR
74 Ms. Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese
73 Streetza
72 The Peached Tortilla
71 Rancho Bravo Tacos
70 Basic Kneads Pizza
69 Marination Mobile
68 The Eatsie Boys
67 Scratch Food Truck
66 Diggity Donuts/Little Blue Brunch Truck
65 Rib Whip
64 KoJa Kitchen
63 Riffs Fine Street Food
62 Kung Fu Tacos
61 The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck
60 Lucky Old Souls
59 The Big Cheese
58 Oh My Gogi! BBQ
57 Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs
56 JapaCurry
55 Taim Mobile
54 The Mighty Cone
53 DC Slices
52 5411 Empanadas
51 Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers
50 Dim Ssäm à gogo by Sakaya Kitchen
49 Pepe Food Truck
48 Crepes Bonaparte
47 The Grilled Cheeserie
46 El Camión
45 Fivetenburger
44 Vizzi Truck
43 Komodo Truck
42 Nom Nom Truck
41 Luke’s Lobster
40 Senor Sisig
39 Clover Food Truck
38 Food Shark
37 Country Boys/Martinez Taco
36 Fry Smith
35 Coreanos
34 Staff Meal
33 Lobsta Truck
32 Smack Shack
31 Guerrilla Street Food
30 Korilla BBQ
29 Chairman Bao Bun Truck
28 Schnitzel & Things
27 LudoTruck
26 Spencer on the Go
25 Basil Thyme
24 Baby’s Badass Burgers
23 Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie
22 Bernie’s Burger Bus
21 Maximus/Minimus
20 The Cinnamon Snail
19 Fukuburger Truck
18 Red Hook Lobster Truck
17 Where Ya At Matt
16 The Buttermilk Truck
15 Jogasaki Truck
14 Wafels & Dinges
13 Sam’s ChowderMobile
12 India Jones Chow Truck
11 Red Hook Lobster Pound

10 Chef Shack
9 The Grilled Cheese Truck
8 Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese
7 The Lime Truck
6 Hapa SF
5 Grill ‘Em All
4 Border Grill 
3 Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
2 Fojol Brothers
1 Kogi BBQ

We are very interested in how they came up with this final list. While there are plenty of fantastic entries…there are plenty of exclusions. Congrats to those that made the list.

For the entire article about The Daily Meal’s Top 101 American Food Trucks check out the link.