SoCalMFVA LogoOver the past three years the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association has assisted 11 other food truck associations form.  They have provided guidance, bylaws and help with 501(c)(6) filings for non profit status.  They do this because they believe that strong advocacy nationwide furthers their cause in California and because they believe that everyone deserves a voice.

They’re expanding their initiative to help fledgling food truck associations.  If you need help creating or organizing a new food truck association, email them and they’ll do their best to help out.

The first step in getting an association together is getting the relevant parties (truck owners) into a room to discuss the issues.  The first meeting should be used to identify the most important issues facing the industry in your area. Create a list in order of importance.  Typically lists include: bans, time limit restrictions, street vending restrictions, private property bans, etc. Once the list is together a strategy can be developed to achieve your goals.

They will help you every step of the way.

You can find their site at:

Email: socalmfva(at)

Twitter: @SoCalMFVA

About the Southern California Food Vendors Association: We are a group of small business entrepreneurs who have set about changing the food landscape in Southern California by providing a diverse and eclectic variety of high quality food at an affordable price, from a mobile platform.  The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association was the first food truck advocacy organization in the new gourmet food truck industry.