As the winner of our Punniest Food Truck Name Poll, MCM will dedicate a three part series to profile Miso Hungry; a Miami based food truck and its owners David Pastrana (DP) and Kimberly Killmer (KK). In today’s article we will introduce you to this dynamic duo who met while attending Miami’s Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

We chatted with both of chefs and ran them through a series of questions to help our readers and their followers learn a little more about them. In part two, we will share some more of our interview that is more specific to their food truck business. Part three of the series will have David and Kim sharing a recipe of one of the fabulous items off the Miso Hungry Food Truck’s menu as well as show you how to prepare it for yourself or friends and family.

What words would you use to describe yourself?

DP: Funny and Crazy

KK: Quirky (as she put it, “I’m the quiet one”)

What words would you use to describe your food?

DP: Fresh, Asian

KK: Fresh, homemade, tasty, Asian American

DP: Pork Belly


David Pastrana: Co-owner of Miso Hungry

KK:Fresh Bread

Name one food you detest?

DP: Ocra

KK: Salmon

Culinarily speaking, Miami has the best…

DP: It’s a melting pot, so every cuisine is covered.

KK: Cuban Sandwiches

Who is your favorite celebrity chef?

DP: Gordon Ramsey

KK: Julia Childs

Your best culinary tip for the home cook?

DP: Recipes are just a guideline, don’t be afraid to add your own two cents.

KK: Keep it simple. Use familiar ingredients you enjoy.

If you could cook for one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

DP: Gene Simmons. I’m a big fan of the group Kiss. He is an entertainer and would love to hang out with him while he ate my food.

KK: My family

What was your proudest moment as a chef/restaurant owner?

DP: The first day we opened the doors of the truck and were not bothered by the police to move it.

KK: The day I graduated from culinary school.

When it comes to sincerity in answering questions, it truly rang out from both David and Kim when they answered this question. At times when we interview individuals, answers can sound as though they are just being repeated from memory, but the pride in their voices when answering this question was certainly clear.

DP: Heavy Metal – Kiss, AC/DC

Kimberly Killmer: Co-owner of Miso Hungry

KK: Classic Rock – Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Cars

We did ask who typically won in the DJ battle, and found out that based on a number of factors (the Ipod is David’s, and it sits closest to David on the truck) David usually selects the music played while they are operating the truck.

In your opinion what is the best food city in America?

DP: New York City

KK: New Orleans

Although Kim did site New Orleans as her choice of favorite food city, she also let us know that while visiting the French Quarter, she was robbed. We are thankful she was not harmed but also thankful she was able to pay for her meal before the crook took the rest of her cash.

What is your favorite restaurant(s) in the United States?

DP: Fig & Olive (NYC), Pubbelly (Miami)

KK: Emeril’s (NOLA) Kim stated the steak she had at this restaurant is the best she has ever tasted.

If you had their ear, what show would you pitch to the Food Network?


KK: A show covering the Raw Food Movement.


Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten:

DP: Mondongo. It’s a Latin American version of tripe (cleaned cow stomach) everything from its aroma and texture were weird.

What cuisine that you are unfamiliar with would you want to learn more about and why?

DP: Mediterranean

KK: Although not unfamiliar with it, because of all of the variations from region to region of the world, Kim answered Asian.

You are one of the newest food trucks in the Miami area, what are you discovering has been the biggest obstacle or difficulty so far?

KK: Finding parking, or the fees that some lots charge to park.

What advice do you have for those that might be thinking about starting their own food truck?

DP: Make friends with fellow truck owners and try to work for one of them to see if you enjoy it.

KK: Research the market to see if there is a place for you there, and be sure to come up with a menu of items “you” like.

We hope you enjoyed learning some insights about David and Kim, the owners of Miso Hungry. Stay tuned for part two of our profile series where we will dive into the background of these chefs, how they were able to come up with the name of their truck, and what their future plans are for their business.

You can find Miso Hungry on the streets of Miami, at their website or on Twitter.

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