Man Cave Craft Eats: Who We Are

Born in a 10 x 10 food stand at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, Man Cave Craft Eats quickly Gained a rabid local following. Today we’re represented in grocery chains across the nation. Our food stand roots are what grounds us in craft and creativity.  We have seen that the people who purchase our products at retailers are the same ones scouring those farmers markets, food trucks and craft breweries for creative and exciting new food and drinks in their cities.  We want to continue reaching new fans by presenting our brand in innovative environments. We believe that partnering with creative food trucks is the best way to do this.

We’ll create mutually beneficial partnerships for our food truck partners and provide tremendous value.  We are able to promote food truck partners in major supermarket chains in their area, as well as provide paid, targeted social media posts around key events and marketing efforts for the truck. More details on support for food truck partners is provided below.

Our Products

We have a truly unique set of products that nobody in the industry comes close to matching in terms of variety and quality. View our entire portfolio of products at our website.

Bite Back

Our passion is crafting exceptional products for our fans to enjoy. Our duty is to provide nourishment to the most vulnerable among us, children. That’s why we created the Bite Back program.

1 = 1. For every package that we sell, we donate one meal. You can learn more about the Bite Back program here. 


We utilize a fulfillment service which specializes in shipping meat/fish/poultry in  small quantities  affordably. This gives us the ability to ship our craft products directly to our food service partners without utilizing a major foodservice provider.

Example Video

We can provide high quality video and photo services to be used in promotional social media posts. Please see the following video at our Facebook page as an example of the service we can provide:


For more information on this opportunity, please use the form below or contact Charlie Frank with Man Cave Craft Eats by call or text at 651.491.5733 or E-mail at [email protected]

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