Social media is an absolute requirement for a food truck vendor today. The problem is that if a vendor doesn’t run their social media properly, it can actually hurt their business. Instead of just tweeting or posting updates on Facebook or Instagram, a social media manager can take your food truck’s social media strategy to the next level.

While even a casual Facebook or Twitter user can set up an account and post, what about designing a social media strategy that actually drives traffic to your service window or website? What about managing customer service for your truck? What about maintaining a consistent voice across all social media networks to build your food truck brand?

These are areas in which an experienced social media manager is going to help. But how do you know if you need someone to help guide your mobile food business to social media success?

5 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Social Media Manager

You’re neglecting revenue-generating activities to manage social media

This is perhaps the biggest reason vendors finally hire a social media manager. After setting up and managing their own accounts, they realize the time they’re spending is taking away from revenue-generating activities. A social media manager understands of how their work fit into your food truck’s marketing strategy.

You don’t have much digital marketing knowledge

Some people assume that if you know how to use social media, you must be good at it. But there’s often more to the job than posting pictures or tweeting updates. To succeed in social media, a vendor needs to have a strong understanding of:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Monitoring for online mentions
  • Social Media tools and software
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Customer service

You no longer enjoy social media

If you start looking at social media as a necessary evil, this may come through in your interactions. Do you find yourself feeling bored or resentful at the prospect of interacting with your customers on social media? Consider stepping away and letting someone else take control. If you find yourself feeling resentful at the idea of interacting with your customers on social media, consider letting someone else take over.

You’re too busy to manage and monitor it consistently

Are you like most food truck owners? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities on your plate? If this is the case, it could be more difficult to accept that adding someone else to the payroll is a wise move. Consistency in social media marketing is extremely important to your food truck brand.

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You don’t know or care what social media strategy means

If you are not familiar with the phrase, social media strategy, or don’t think a social media strategy is necessary, it’s probably time to hire a social media manager. An experienced social media manager will usually understand the importance of strategy. They will know how to create one that contributes to your food truck’s bottom line.

Professional social media managers understand the ins and outs of marketing funnels, how to choose the right platforms and how to use social media in a way that aligns with your food truck’s overall goals. A social media manager may help ensure you’re using social media in a way that protects and builds your food truck brand.

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The Bottom Line

When the food truck industry started in 2008, the role of a social media manager didn’t exist. Today, however, almost every food truck business is involved in social media one way or another. Use the tips in this article to determine if you need someone in this role.

Have you hired a social media manager for your food truck? What other tips would you offer those wondering if it’s time to hire one of their own? Share your thoughts in the comment section section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter