Looking back at 2017, the packaging industry took strides in more innovative, sustainable, and efficient directions. The top 2018 packaging trends for food and beverages include:

  • Simplified Designs
  • Use Of Bigger & Bolder Typography
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Transparency & Clean Labels

Consumers of every age bracket are documenting their opinions and the details of their food truck orders with selfies, tweets and posts. This puts a little more pressure on today’s vendors to connect with modern consumers, and still fit functionality and sustainability with style into their offerings.

Because of this food truck owners need to understand that they are selling much more than their menu items. Packaging plays a key role in conveying your food truck brand and solidifies your connections with consumers.

2018 Packaging Trends For Food and Beverages:

Simplified Designs

Cluttered designs look to be headed out. We are starting to see a broader adoption of minimalism across design categories. In 2018, we expect to see most brands update their packaging to adopt a more modern, minimalistic style.

As more consumers have come expect product packaging to convey the necessary information instantly, brands have started to adapt. As a result, only the most relevant information about the product plays a dominant role in the packaging design, with a more careful use of white space and color.

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Use Of Bigger & Bolder Typography

For the same reasons we believe packaging designs will be more simplified, we also believe we’re going to see a more limited use of small typography.  As consumer attention spans shrink, it’s becoming more important than ever for brands to relay their messaging as clearly and as quickly as possible, especially in packaging.

In 2018 and beyond, we expect to see more brands use more bold fonts and fewer words to get their message across loud and clear.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging continues to grow faster than any other packaging format due to its premium branding, convenience, functionality and sustainability. Vendors are excited about the opportunity for a new package design that provides a greater appearance, is easy to store, easy to open and reseal, and is easy to carry.

Flexible packaging delivers compactness and durable barrier protection, all while maintaining the lowest possible carbon footprint. In particular, stand-up pouches are being used for ease of opening and re-closure.

Transparency & Clean Labels

Food traceability and complete transparency has become more important than ever for consumers. Expect to see packaging designs that enlighten consumers’ purchase decisions with easy to understand messaging and design elements to help consumers focus on the product qualities.

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The Bottom Line

So there you have it. Our top packaging trends to watch in 2018. I’m looking forward to watching the year unfold to see if our predictions are right. These 2018 food and beverage packaging trends will lead smart vendors to invest in solutions that not only maximize the value of their brands while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

How will these 2018 packaging trends influence your food truck? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter