Alright, they’ve agreed to a first date. Where should you go? What should you do? When planning a first date, many couples settle for some variation of the dinner-and-a-movie night. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this approach. It’s a tried and tested date plan and it’s easy. The only thing is, when taking someone out on a date, you don’t want it to be like other dates; you want to be the best date.

The Perfect First Date: Meet At A Food Truck Event

A good first date allows for conversation but at the same time takes some of the focus off you so that you’re not under pressure to talk incessantly. Attending a food truck event as your first date provides the proper balance of conversation and pleasant distraction. Although we feel that taking your date to a food truck event is a fantastic idea, remember this first date idea may not work for every person. Before you plan this type of outdoorsy food activity, you’ll want to make sure they are the outdoorsy food type.

Sharing new experiences together can be a wonderful way to build a connection with someone. That’s why if you’re going to take them out to a food truck rally you are taking them somewhere a little more adventurous than the customary sit down restaurant. Group events like these will show how your date interacts with others.

The beauty of attending a location with a large number of trucks is that you can try out new ethnic cuisines; something neither of you have tried before. This element of adventure will add some excitement to your date, and, who knows, maybe the two of you will find a new favorite. While you are there watch how they treat the food truck staff, and check out their manners while eating. Don’t obsess or criticize them if they tend to have bad eating habits, but this observation will give you a better idea if this is someone you want to spend more time with.

Another route along these same lines is to travel to a city outside of your hometown to attend a mobile food event. Not only will the drive give the two of you a chance to talk, but you will be able to take in another group of trucks that you may never have tried before.

Remember that conversation is probably the most important part of a first date. The time in line and while eating should give you plenty of time to talk in a comfortable scenario and many of the newer food truck events provide a DJ or live music in the background. Make sure you know what type of music will be featured. The right music in the right venue can provide the perfect ratio of conversation to pleasant distraction.

The Bottom Line

The first date is a crucial step along the path to any relationship. They can be awkward, frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking, depending on how each person goes about the date. Learn how to have a perfect first date that includes few mishaps and a lot of laughs, fun and memories to last forever.

What is a successful first date? It varies depending on the situation and the people involved, but my favorites are those that felt like two minutes had passed when it was more like two hours. Ultimately the objective of a first date is to see if there will be a second and a food truck event can be that perfect first date if you plan it right.

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