At its core, the whole point of your food truck blog is to provide your readers with valuable content.  A food truck blog is supposed to fill in those gaps related to your mobile food business that cannot be found on the internet even though people are looking for it. It strengthens your customers’ relationships with your business.  So what are those gaps? What should you write about for your food truck blog? Here are some article ideas for you to use to build your food truck blog.

5 Article Ideas For Your Food Truck Blog

Your Cuisine

You think about your food and drink differently than your average customer. Parts of this greater knowledge should be shared. If the concept of your food truck is centered on ethnic food, you can tell your customers how your cuisine is served in its native country. What are the circumstances in which they eat it? Why did this food become popular there? You can talk about regional differences and give them access to information that few know about.

Every type of food or drink has a story. You might ask: how do you find the best ingredients? Customers do prepare food too and giving them a little inside knowledge won’t change how often they eat out. If you do something special preparation wise, this is a good place to include it.


People are always looking for things to do. You can mention your food truck and try to put in the center of the life of the neighborhoods you operate in. Obviously don’t mention specific competitors, but let locals know the community better.

You can create a list of things to do. Or set up a self-guided tour for a weekend. Customers respect businesses that acknowledge the quality in other establishments in the same area and industry.  Besides, when customers want a sit down meal, they are not normally also considering a meal from a food truck.

History and Customs

Sites like Wikipedia leaves gaps, especially information that is based on unconfirmed histories. You would be surprised at how many of your customers look for these histories. They are unsatisfied with Wikipedia because it doesn’t provide much of a frame for information. You don’t need to do that. You can claim that your region of Thailand is where so and so dish comes from even if others dispute this.

Try not to seem prejudiced but you don’t have to be impartial either. Your histories can be a story. With firsthand experience you can make distinctions that others miss.

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There always seems to be a debate revolving around the food truck industry. The press covers them all the time. While still being fair, you can take a side. This may get some comments and settle peoples’ opinion on an issue.

If you are clear, giving a position will help. It will get comments and maybe even cause a little stir. You shouldn’t write something that makes any enemies but gaining a higher profile comes from taking small calculated risks.

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Tell Your Story

If you can tell your story without selling, you should include this. Remember you provide food and drink, one of the most basic human needs. Tell your story. Why are you passionate about your food truck? What inspired you?

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The Bottom Line

We covered some article ideas a little more related to your food truck’s concept and brand. The one more thing I’d suggest is to make it fun. For some trucks, that may mean humor. If you need a little help, look around the internet.

You can find some good sources for information and also ideas for specific articles. Take that information and give it a twist. With interesting articles and a sense of excitement, your food truck blog can be a crucial part of your online marketing plan.

Do you have a food truck blog? Do you have any article ideas to share? We’d love to hear them. You can share them in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter