Are you getting ready for a website launch for your food truck? Unless you are an experienced website developer, you’ll quickly learn that it takes time, talent, and money to build a food truck site. In addition to that, you may have already learned that roadblocks can still easily push back your website launch date. Here are some tips on how to keep your food truck website launch on track.

5 Steps To Your Food Truck Website Launch

Start With A Good Plan

Create a solid plan by deciding on goals, milestones, and responsibilities for each team member (even if if you are building your site yourself). Give yourself room for flexibility when inevitable surprises pop up.

Know when to bring on outside help. If you’ve never built a website yourself and aren’t confident in your programming skills, make sure you bring in someone who is.

Make Sure Brand Messaging Is Spot On

If there’s any waffling over your food truck’s mission, or brand image, now is the time to work it out. Spend time figuring out who your customers will be and make sure the messaging on your site speaks to them.

Use The Best Technology

If you’re not using reliable, fast hosting, you’re putting your site at risk when you get spikes in traffic. Cheaper options can backfire on you, and you may end up paying more responding to emergencies or losing customers when the site goes down for long periods of time.

Carefully research hosting and website management providers to make sure you can handle the traffic that a well-placed media mention or viral social post can bring to your food truck website.

Also, do research and get expert opinions before deciding to move forward on the new food truck website. Research open-source CMS options, such as WordPress to find the most flexible, website technology that still provides the security and performance your website needs.

By using the best website technology you will decrease the time and money you spend on administrative tasks and bug-fixing, while saving you a load of stress from dealing with unwelcome surprises at your food truck website launch.

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Manage The Build

If you hire an outside developer and once your site is in the build stage, you need to work hard to keep the project moving. Make sure you hold regular check-ins to see firsthand what’s been accomplished each week until you launch.

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It Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect

From messaging to the features on your website, everything doesn’t need to be perfect before you launch. While it’s important to launch a website you’re proud of, but you can launch a great site, and continue to optimize and perfect the user experience after launch.

Common Bottlenecking Points

Integration with third-party applications and plug-ins. Build in extra time for testing for apps and plug-ins that require integration with your website. These might include applications that integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Review applications (Yelp) and Event calendars.

Prepare For Website Launch

A month before your planned launch date, start checking off your final to-do list. Test the site, and optimize for performance so launch day is fun, not a tragic fail.

Have the entire team test forms, links, redirects, landing pages, and integration with other software. Everyone should read all of the content and identify grammar and spelling errors as well as finding confusing copy. If you have built a following through social media, ask some of your followers to beta test your website before the site goes live.

Ready, Set, Launch

If you’ve covered all of your bases, you should be able to wake up on launch day confidently. You know your website launch can handle the traffic, you have fantastic content, and all of the site functionality has been tested. Thank your team for all of their hard work. Now watch your new food truck website in action after website launch.

The Bottom Line

Do you have any additional tips for vendors close to a food truck website launch? We’d love to hear them. You can share them in comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter