5 Tips To Get Your Food Truck Blog Rolling

You want to keep your current customers coming back to your service window. You want to gain new customers too. Today we’ll discuss a way to meet both of these goals that many food truck owners ignore; writing a food truck blog.

Blogging about your food truck business can be a major asset to retaining and gaining customers as long as you do it correctly. Now that you are ready to blog about your food truck, here are some blogging tips for mobile food businesses you want to use to make your food truck blog successful.

5 Tips To Get Your Food Truck Blog Rolling

Practice, practice, practice

Just like you have to when creating a new dish for your food truck menu, you have to practice to bring your food truck blogging up to a level acceptable to present to your customers. The best food truck blogs to read are the ones that are fun, provide timely information on relative subjects.

Your food truck blog needs to focus on the subjects that are important to your business. Thinking of topics shouldn’t be that hard. For instance, you do not want to write about summer vegetables in December. Instead, write about the topic within a couple weeks or months of the upcoming season. Just in case you need to inspiration, the following is some general guidance on food truck blog topics:

  • Share local and national industry news.
  • Let readers know when you have new menu items.
  • Post pictures of your latest menu items.
  • Explain problems customers may have had with your menu or service.
  • Share tips from other small business experts even if they may not be part of the mobile food industry.
  • Write a product review of a new food item or piece of kitchen equipment.
  • Write how-to articles about recipes related to the cuisine you sell.
  • Promote sales and/or events your truck will be involved in.
  • Allow your staff to contribute as contributing authors.
  • Post openings in your food truck business.

Remember, you do not have to have a new topic every time you blog and you don’t have to blog every day of the week (1 or 2 times a week is a good starting point).

Think like your customers

When thinking about topics for your food truck blog, also think about search terms. This is how you readers will find you if they are not going directly to your website. Search terms include things like “fall menu”, “food trends” or “advice on….” And include these search terms should be included in your food truck blog post.

Put yourself in the mindset of your customers, to determine what would you type into the Google search field.

Inform but don’t sell

Writing a food truck blog should never be about pushing sales. It’s about gaining the trust of your customers. So write your food truck blog as if you are talking to a friend, pitching a sale.

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Blogging is not a one way conversation

Building a relationship with your food truck customers means giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts. At the end of your posts ask your customers to:

  • Write a response
  • Leave a comment
  • Offer menu ideas
  • Write suggestions
  • Provide feedback

Always keep in mind that you may receive some negative comments. Respond to those negative comments as you would if you were dealing with a customer face to face.

Maintain a food truck blog policy

Blogging is just like any other part of your food truck business. You have to maintain professionalism at all times. Some typical best food truck blog practices keep:

  • Keep your food truck blog relevant. Many bloggers start off with good intentions, but end up posting things that are not relevant to what interests their customers.
  • Be cautious about revealing private information such as trade secrets or financial information.
  • Avoid going after your competitors. Writing a blog does not give you the right to publicly bad mouth your competitors or suppliers.

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The Bottom Line

Adding a blog to your food truck website is a great way to keep your customers coming back to your service window. If you have any additional tips to those interested in starting a blog for their food truck, we’d love to hear them. Share your ideas in the comment section below or via social media. Facebook | Twitter

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