Many food truck owners cite lack of time, cost and experience as reasons for not delving too deep into social media. However, there are options for building a low-cost and relatively low-maintenance online presence. The easiest is adding a suggestion box on your food truck website.

Why Add a Suggestion Box to your Food Truck Website

For today’s example, invite your food truck customers to submit ideas and suggestions about your menu and services through an online suggestion box. This allows users to rate the ideas so that the best ideas rise to the top.

  • Cost – There are inexpensive out of the box solutions out there that you can easily adapt.
  • Effective – While you’re building your food truck’s online presence, you’re simultaneously doing customer research and building an online pipeline for customer feedback.

To maintain credibility and customer enthusiasm, be sure you implement the top ideas.

Make it easy for employees to offer suggestions with your suggestion box

It’s crucial to maintain a steady pace for managing ideas as they come in. Don’t lose morale in your food truck with lost suggestions.

Do this by setting suggestion guidelines. Make it clear. What topics are open to suggestion? Can they submit suggestions that are part of their normal job, or are those off-limits? Are some suggestions more likely to be implemented than others? Are specific sectors in need of help?

Ideas to start with:

  • Generate savings
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost morale
  • Eliminate waste
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Decrease accidents

These topics open employees up to a wider range of consideration and offer a platform to work from. Also, consider campaigns requesting ideas to specific problems or issues within the organization. Encourage members within your organization to submit ideas as a team.

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The Bottom Line

A suggestion box gives food truck owners a direct way of understanding what customers want and need. Plus, it shows that you value your customer’s input. By asking for input from your customers, you complete your feedback loop. This allows users to influence company practices. The anonymity and convenience of a suggestion box encourages customers to submit their input.

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