So how many “About” pages have you read that actually got you excited about a food truck? I’m guessing… not many. The most common reactions to an About Us page are more along the lines of boredom, impatience, and strong feelings of being almost completely ignored. That is a huge problem, because the About Us page is one of the most popular destinations on any food truck’s website.

So why have you been ignoring the quality of this valuable real estate on your website? A low quality About Us page is costing your mobile food business more than you think.

The Importance Of Your Food Truck Website About Us Page

It’s NOT About You

Let’s get this out in the open right away: Your About Us page isn’t about you. It’s about your readers. Sure, you need to let them in on details about you and your business, but it’s all about how your present it.

Most About U” pages are focused on the writer or company: their story, background, experience, and so on. But it really needs to be focused on the reader: their needs, problems, worries, and questions.

Think about it. When you visit an About Us page for a business you’re thinking of buying from, what are you looking for? Are you really concerned about all their achievements, their dreams and goals, and every award they have ever won? Or are you looking for proof that they can help you solve your problems? Reassurance that they aren’t going to rip you off? Evidence that they understand what you really need and care about helping you find it?

If you aren’t providing those things for your food truck website visitors on your About Us page, you’ll leave them feeling ignored.

Tell A Story

Boredom is one of those things you don’t want your website visitors to experience. Most About Us pages are dangerously dull. How can yours be different? One of the best ways to create an About Us page that engages your visitors and addresses their needs is by telling a story.

A story that shows visitors how you can help them, instead of just telling them.

Take your visitors on a journey. Start at their issues: what they need solved that your mobile food business can help them with. End at the solution: how your food truck and your menu is going to make their lives better.

Along the way, add details about who you are, what your business is all about, and how you’ve helped people in the community. Stories are memorable. Consumers can relate to story a lot better than to a bunch of facts.

Provide Evidence

What’s way more effective than telling people you’re great? Showing them actual proof that you and your food truck are great. Specifically, you should give your visitor social proof that you know your stuff and that people like love your food.

Positive things that someone else said about you will be 100 times (at least) more compelling than all the positive things you could say about yourself.

Social proof is powerful, and it’s also easy to implement. Here are a few of its common forms:

  • Testimonials
  • Endorsements from mobile food industry thought leaders
  • Follower and community stats (number of followers on Twitter, number of people blog subscribers, etc.)

Gather such proof and put it right on your About Us page.

Now that you have an awesome About US page, here’s a bonus tip for everyone with an email list. Use the momentum you’ve built up with your captivating bio to get loads of subscribers. You’ve just given people some great reasons to absolutely love you and what you do; now is the perfect time to suggest staying in touch.

Put a sign-up or opt-in form right on your About Us page. You will be surprised how effectively doing so will grow your list.

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The Bottom Line

The key to a great About Us page isn’t a secret; it’s all about the approach. Remember that you’re creating this page as a way to connect with your visitors and address their curiosities and concerns about your food truck.

What is on your About Us page? We’d love to see yours. You can share links to them via email or social media. Facebook | Twitter