running a food truck for dummies 2nd edition

Running a Food Truck for Dummies 2nd Edition is the ultimate guide for those interested in joining the fastest growing niche in the food service industry. The food truck industry has grown exponentially since Roy Choi hit the streets of Los Angeles in 2008. Running a Food Truck for Dummies 2nd Edition is authored by Richard Myrick, Editor-in-Chief of

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Running a Food Truck for Dummies 2nd Edition

Learn how to:

  • Create a business plan to set yourself up for success
  • Harness PR and social media to build your following
  • Stay profitable and expand your business

Start and succeed in the food truck business

If you’re a chef, foodie, or amateur epicurean who dreams of finding success in the mobile food industry, this book covers everything you need to stay lean and profitable and avoid the most common operating mistakes. Inside, you’ll find your food niche, follow important rules of conducting business on the road, outfit your moving kitchen, meet safety and sanitation requirements—and everything in between.

Inside Running a Food Truck for Dummies 2nd Edition

  • Research the marketplace
  • Write a business plan
  • Finance your endeavor
  • Prepare your menu
  • Buy food and supplies
  • Open your service window
  • Manage your money
  • Create buzz for your business
  • Find and retain followers
I bought this book to really see if this business was right for me. It had everything you need to know about the business. It’s step by step info has put me into the drivers seat, literally, of a new business. I keep the book with me all the time for reference.
Patrick Woolweaver
This book covers every thing you need to know and do when it comes to running a food truck. From writing a business plan, to what licenses will be needed. You name it! It really paints a picture to help you decide if this type of business will be right for you.
Robin Smith
Very thorough book. Well organized and written. Must read for anyone interested in learning how to operate a food truck.
Emmanuel Voumvourakis