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Learn how to take your food business to the next level by learning marketing strategies from old school tactics like direct mail to the new world tactics of social media.

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1,001 Side-Hustle Photography Business Name Ideas You’ll Love

My family and I just worked with a photographer for our annual holiday photos. Can you guess how much this person charged us for a 45 minute shoot? If you guessed $500 you would be right. Of course, the photographer needed to spend 1[...]

By |Dec 5, 2023|Branding, Marketing|

525+ Dumpling Business Name Ideas that Cook Up Sales

I know an entrepreneur named Dave Krolak who started a Polish dumpling food truck called Cas' Pierogi & Kielbasa food truck. Like so many cultures, the Polish people have their own version of the dumpling they call the Pierogi.  If you lived in India,[...]

By |Dec 1, 2023|Branding, Marketing|

701+ Macaron Business Names That Are Indulgent & Creative

I had the opportunity to interview the mother-daughter founders of Le Macron, Audrey Guillem-Saba and Rosalie Guillem. During our chat, Audrey shared her insights growing a macaron concept to more than 50 locations and $11+ million in annual revenue that credited product authenticity and[...]

By |Nov 19, 2023|Branding, Marketing|

101+ Rain Water Harvesting Slogans Inspired by My Grandpa

Growing up, my grandfather lived on a rural farm in Canada and would collect rain water in a variety of big blue barrels made of plastic that were placed around the property alongside the gutter systems of his garage, home, and barn back in[...]

By |Nov 17, 2023|Marketing, Slogans|

Best Ice Cream Shop Name Generator: 600+ Ideas List

Each of us has some kind of guilty pleasure. Mine? Over-indulging on ice cream. There's no need for an explanation needed for this one—everyone loves ice cream! In fact, Americans consume 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream each year, which amounts to more than 23[...]

By |Nov 15, 2023|Branding, Marketing|

211+ “Pin-Perfect” Bowling Slogans That Strike Profits

Liberty Lanes located in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, was more than just a bowling alley to me. It was a bit of a dive, but that's what made it special during my college years. For over 30 years, this bowling center was a go-to[...]

By |Nov 13, 2023|Marketing, Slogans|

1,001+ Charity and Nonprofit Name Ideas To Transform Lives

There is so much good done each year by charities and nonprofit organizations. The work of these organizations help make the world a cleaner, fight hunger, and protect certain communities. Each year Americans gave $471.44 billion to charity to help accomplish this work, which is[...]

By |Nov 10, 2023|Branding, Marketing|

511+ Smartest Conference and Meeting Room Name Ideas

As simple as it seems, naming your meeting rooms can greatly impact your organization’s well-being, innovation and creativity. Meeting rooms can also describe the company’s culture, mission or values.  Even globally recognized brands put thought into determining their meeting room names. For example, Instagram[...]

By |Nov 9, 2023|Branding, Marketing|

201+ Christmas Sale Slogans To Sell Almost Anything (2023)

Need to move product or fill seats this holiday season? Look no further than my epic ideas for Christmas sale marketing slogans. I spent two full days thinking of these so I hope you'll find something you can use for your small business. Check[...]

By |Nov 4, 2023|Marketing, Slogans|