Since 2010, Mobile Cuisine has been teaching aspiring culinary professionals how to create successful food business while informing foodies about changing menus and pricing of their favorite restaurants. Not by providing bland regurgitated restaurant articles but by providing, first-hand information and instructions that can help anyone build a food business like a restaurant or food truck.

The website was founded by editor-and-chief Richard Myrick. Myrick not only operated his own hot dog business in Chicago, but wrote “Running a Food Truck for Dummies” available in bookstores everywhere and on Amazon. Myrick has helped teach thousands of food entrepreneurs figure out their menu, finances, hiring, and marketing for a food business.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

Mobile Cuisine started as a simple one man blog by someone looking to start their own food truck. Today, it’s the mobile food industry’s go to online trade magazine with nearly 1 million monthly visitors and a small dedicated staff of contributors that are passionate about food and business. We’ve become a go-to resource for foodies and entrepreneurs alike.

Contributors and Staff

Leslie Chang: Leslie is an LA based writer with one of the coolest assignments ever… eating at fast-food restaurants writing reviews about the latest food deals and documenting menu prices.

Freshelle Mae Heruela: In true Nancy Drew style, Freshelle investigates and reveals the latest menu prices and special deals at restaurants across America. You’ll find Freshelle anywhere there’s a happy hour with half-priced apps.

In the Press 

Over the years, it’s been an honor to be featured and quoted in numerous national and global media publications like the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Vox, The Daily Mail, NPR, among many others. You can view a sample of our press mentions over the years here.

Since our inception Mobile Cuisine has been dedicated to delivering our faithful readers every must-read street food, food truck, food cart and restaurant story bubbling up across the Web, along with exclusive news, interviews, and amazing photos.

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