Food Truck Revolution

Show your support to help the mobile food industry spread across the country without hindrance of laws that prevent food truck owners from operating under restrictions that protect one business model over another (i.e. brick and mortar restaurants).

This won’t happen with the current laws in many cities. The codes that typically govern mobile vendors are outdated and overly restrictive. Let’s agree to change these laws, so that they encourage new business, benefit neighborhoods, and build the strength of our city’s restaurant industry.

Some of the restrictive laws that should be eliminated are:

  • Those which prevent cooking onboard food trucks.
  • Those which prevent food trucks from parking in downtowns or business districts.
  • Those which restrict the distance from restaurants a food truck can park.
  • Those which limit the hours a food truck can operate if they differ from other businesses.
  • Those which prevent food trucks from parking in metered parking locations.
  • Those which prevent food trucks from operating in public right of ways.

Food trucks are an important source of economic opportunity for entrepreneurs of all types. They can enhance the culinary culture of your city, increase employment, enliven streets, and provide food options in underserved areas – if you let them.

So how can you show your support?

Find local food trucks and get in line.

Sign this petition: Support the Food Truck Revolution

Share the petition with friends and family.

Add this button to your website or blog.

Contact your local legislators and let them know you support food trucks.

Attend local city council meetings and share your thoughts on this subject.

Go to local food truck events.