tip of the day

With the holidays quickly approaching, food truck owners around the country plan to take some time off the streets to spend time with their family and friends. Unfortunately, when you return, there will be many things awaiting you on your first day back from vacation:

  • a full inbox
  • a long list of to-dos
  • staff and customers needing your time

If you dive right in, you’re likely to wipe out all the benefits of taking this time off. Instead, get back in the swing of things while maintaining some of the calm and restoration. Block off your morning. Make sure you don’t have any meetings scheduled or big projects due. Then before you open your inbox, pause and think about your work priorities. As you make your way through emails and voice mails  focus on returning the messages that are connected to what matters most. Defer or delegate things that aren’t top priority. And remember it will probably take more than one day to get caught up, so be easy on yourself.