The internet is full of fabulous facts about everything from current events to the history basket weaving. Because of this, as we research for our daily content on food trucks, food carts and street food, we stumble upon some items of knowledge that we just did not know. We have decided when these fun facts pop up, that we would share them with our readers in our section titled “Did You Know?”

For today’s Did You Know fun food facts we will look at Chicken and Waffles.

chicken and waffles

The facts: Chicken and waffles is a soul food dish combining waffles, a breakfast food, with (usually) fried chicken.

  • The dish is most commonly made by serving fried chicken with a waffle, the waffle then typically being covered with butter and/or syrup (as is common practice among those who eat waffles for breakfast in the United States). This unusual combination of foods is beloved by many people who are influenced by traditions of soul food passed down from past generations of their families.
  • The exact origins of the dish are unknown; there are several versions of its origins. Food historians have unearthed chicken and waffles recipes in cookbooks as far back as the late 1700s, after Thomas Jefferson returned from France with a waffle iron. They traced the trend and found that eventually, the hearty, sweet/savory combination became a celebration-type supper in African American families.
  • A version of this dish mostly known within areas that have Pennsylvania Dutch influences consists of a plain waffle with pulled, stewed chicken on top, covered in gravy.
  • There are a myriad of ways to eat this dish: Some people go right for the chicken, saving the waffle for dessert. Others do exactly the opposite: They start with the waffle, because they want to save the chicken for last. Some shred the chicken, put it on the waffle, pour the syrup over the whole thing and nosh away.