As a food truck owner it’s easy to get overexcited when you have good food truck ideas. When you have an idea that you believe in, it’s easy to assume that getting your staff to agree with it’s brilliance will be easy. If you see how great the idea is, why wouldn’t everyone else? Although you own your mobile food business, don’t assume that just because you’ve got a great idea that others will see it that way. You need to convince them to get everyone on board.

But in your enthusiasm, reverse course if other people don’t immediately support your thinking. Don’t let your impatience hurt your cause. Try to avoid these two things when pitching your mobile food idea to a skeptical group:

  • Making it biased. Don’t try to scare people into listening by painting the worst-case scenario. Be fair and balanced when presenting the various options.
  • Offering your uninvited opinion. Your food truck partners or staff will tune you out if you launch into a tirade about why you’re right. Wait until it’s time to weigh in and try to positively engage the audience, not alienate them.