Use the 3 Second Rule When Driving

Use the 3 Second Rule When Driving

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A good driving record for you and the drivers of your food truck will help you maintain the best auto insurance rates. So to say that it’s important to have a good driving record is an understatement when it comes to keeping your monthly expenditures down.

Today’s Tip of the Day centers around driving and how to keep a clean driving record. No matter what the reason, should you rear-end a vehicle you are driving behind…it is your fault, and in all likelihood will result in a ticket for following the car in front of you too closely. To prevent this from happening, use the “three-second rule” to help prevent rear-end accidents.

The “three-second rule” accounts for your reaction time to the movements of the vehicle ahead and your vehicle’s stopping distance.

NOTE: You should add more time if the road is slippery or if you’re being crowded by a tailgater. Since full sized food trucks or trailers weigh so much and take a lot of time to brake, it couldn’t hurt to add a second or two.

The three-second rule:

  • When the vehicle ahead of you passes a stationary object, start counting:  1,001 … 1,002 …
  • The first second is your reaction time; the next two seconds account for your braking distance
  • You should not reach the object before you count to … 1,003. If you do, you are following too closely.

At a vehicle speed of 55 mph, the three-second rule creates a gap of 243 feet between vehicles.



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