The developers of FreshBooks understand that most food truck owners are not accountants. In fact, may leave it up to the pros so they don’t have to deal with keeping their books.

This online food truck invoicing system is simple and provides a mobile food owner access to it anywhere. User don’t need to understand technical accounting terminology to use FreshBooks, yet it provides the reports needed by your accountant to prepare your taxes. Another great feature food truck vendors will appreciate is its ability to save inventory items, including descriptions, unit costs and tax rates.

FreshBooks can manage your billing, budgeting as well as your employees. So let’s get into the details…


You can try FreshBooks free for 30 days, no credit card required. After the trial, FreshBooks offers multiple pricing levels (free to $39.99/mo.). There are no contracts so you pay monthly and you can cancel the service at any time.

Try FreshBooks Free for 30 Days

Saving Time

FreshBooks was designed to save users time while you manage your books. It includes auto-fill features and dropdown inventory menus, and it easily sends out invoices. When an invoice is created, it automatically uses the stored client data, calculate taxes and discounts, and associate the related PO# with the new invoice. Invoices can be saved as PDF files or emailed directly from your account, or FreshBooks will send invoices by mail. For those of you who deal with multiple tax rates, this software can handle that too. It can also manage recurring invoices and manage partial payments.

For food trucks with employees, Freshbooks tracks time timesheets. If you track your expenses, images of receipts can be stored, and then you can filter them by type.

It’s Mobile

FreshBooks provides iOS and Android apps that are free for subscribers. The mobile version tracks time and expenses, generates invoices and manages receipts. While you are away from your food truck office, you can track time with the mobile timer and capture receipts using your phone’s camera. The mobile version will also display timesheets. The iPad version has the ability to display a full overview of your account.

Freshbooks is compatible with manypayment processors, productivity tools, expense and time tracking tools, and marketing and sales tools. Since most food truck vendors want as many billing options as possible, the developers allow you to receive payments online using gateways such as PayPal, and Braintree.


FreshBooks uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and their servers are hosted by Rackspace in two datacenters to provide redundancy. Security measures include firewalls, vulnerability scanning, biometric access, and 24/7 surveillance. User data is backed up to offsite facilities nightly. What does that mean for you? You can feel assured that your data is being protected.

FreshBooks Summary:

By using FreshBooks, a food truck vendor can keep their books current, get paid faster, and be prepared for tax time. FreshBooks is definitely a time saver and eliminates the need for long hours spent just to learn how to use it. With all of the extra time Freshbooks will provide you, you’ll have a lot more time to be on streets or at home enjoying some time off.

Please note: Despite the name, it’s not “true” accounting software.  Freshbooks is all about invoicing, so if you need accrual based accounting you will need to use another system like Quickbooks.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks

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