Does Your Food Truck Branding Have Curb Appeal

The complete unadulterated truth about food truck branding is that it’s all a facade. Food truck branding is usually completely made up, it’s a construct of the vendor. It’s the image designed for your food truck customers, complete with a set of predictable emotions and expectations. In some cases it isn’t, but in most, it’s a made up narrative.

With that said, fabricating a brand’s story is not a bad thing. We fabricate literature but we also fabricate wonderful culinary delights. Fabrication is the active part of our imagination. To create is to put the mind in motion and this will always be a good thing. The trick is to do it with deliberate intent.

Now that I am done with my philosophical screed, let’s get to curb appeal.

Food Truck Branding For Curb Appeal

Coming from the real estate development field myself, I can tell you that, it’s the first impression that counts, the first sights, sounds, smells and emotions that leave an permanent impression in the mind of the consumer. When your customers approach your food truck (and thus your food truck branding), what is their initial response? Are they greeted with the impression you intentionally created? Did you install a well-designed wrap, or put up a gorgeous canopy to welcome them? Or does your food truck branding look like you’re serving prepackaged sandwiches as the roach coaches of old did?

Your food truck branding needs to be discriminating but not discriminate. It wants to unique and special but treat everyone the same. You want your food truck branding to be genuine and transparent, and not something that is easily seen as a made up narrative.

The genuine part is in the intention, your desire to create a wonderful customer experience. The transparency is in the admission that you want to please your customers. Food truck branding, when done properly, does two things. It covers your business and reveals it. It provides an exterior appearance, one that hopefully reflects the experience received from your internal creations (food and service).

Once realize that everything you put into your brand is part of your creation, you’ll understand it’s what defines your food truck.

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The Bottom Line

You need to have an awesome exterior to your food truck brand. Make it look great, spruce it up, keep it clean, pimp it out. Invest and build food truck brand equity. Just remember the outside of your food truck needs to reflects what will come from inside. If you do that, your customers will find your food truck brand all the more appealing.

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