Your food truck’s brand is the mental image that sticks in the minds of your customers. We’ve stressed this in numerous articles over the years, but for good reason. Vendors need to look at their brands. The brand is the sum of everything they and their staff does that relates back to their mobile food businesses. Ultimately, it’s the culmination of your actions. As well as your communications and how the public perceives your menu and the experience they receive while at your food truck. A brand audit is a detailed analysis that shows how your brand is currently performing compared to its stated goals

Branding is very important to every food truck on the streets today. Because of this, we put together a shortlist of five questions to ask yourself. Answer these questions, so you can conduct a quick food truck brand audit.

5 Food Truck Brand Audit Questions

  1. A huge convention is scheduled to come to one of the cities you operate in; did other food trucks get invited to serve the attendees? Did yours?
  2. If you asked your staff members to describe your food truck in 5 words, would each description sound similar, or would each one say something completely different?
  3. Do all of your food truck’s customer touch points use the same style of graphics, colors and typefaces? This includes your web site, menu, truck wrap, and social media.
  4. Have you reached out to a local food blogger, or local news media to have lunch from your food truck in the last 6 months?
  5. If your food truck was accused of food poisoning one or more of your customers do you have a crisis action plan in place?

If you answered no to 4 or more of these questions, you’ve got some work to do to correct these answers. Each of these questions relates directly to the branding opportunities you have control of and if handled correctly will take your food truck’s brand to the next level.

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The Bottom Line

It takes a huge amount of work to stay at the top in the food truck industry. With every new truck trying to usurp your brand, continual monitoring of results and reporting against targets provides an ongoing health check. Perform a brand audit to allow you to take a step back and look at the overall picture. This vision will definitely inform you if your truck’s long term strategy is working.

Do you have additional questions you think would work well in a food truck brand audit? We’d love to hear them. Share your thoughts in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook