A lot has changed in the mobile food industry since it started back in 2008. Since that time we have seen the rise and fall of daily discounts, a changing economy and a surge of new food trucks across the country. As we look for ways to help food trucks improve their businesses, one thing hasn’t changed: there are only four ways to increase food truck sales in your mobile food business.

Consumers have started dining out more, so there has become a battle for their business and competition is no longer limited to food trucks with similar menus. Now food trucks have to compete with other truck owners, restaurants and grocery/convenience stores that have tapped into the quick service trend.

We have shared numerous marketing and advertising tactics as well as ways a food truck can increase profits, from controlling costs to smaller portions; but there really are only four ways to increase food truck sales.

The 4 Ways To Increase Food Truck Sales

Gain New Customers

Step one to increase food truck sales is to build your customer base. It’s no secret that food trucks need more customers to succeed. Attracting new customers is one way to increase your customer count. There are numerous tactics to get new customers into your food truck line. Some tap into your truck’s brand equity, others include offering discounts, but getting new customers to your truck provides vendors with growth potential.

Tactics such as targeted marketing emails, building a social media presence and food truck websites will draw new customers to your food truck.

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Keep Existing Customers Coming Back

Once you acquire your new customers you need to keep them coming back. This can be accomplished by providing an fun experience at your truck as well as after they leave. Great food, service, value and atmosphere all contribute to a customer’s food truck experience. But what happens after they leave?

Developing lines of communication with your existing customers is the key to staying top of mind. Immediately respond to all customer feedback. Acknowledge their concerns, and thank them for compliments will let your customers know you care about their opinion and appreciate their choice to eat from your truck.

Get Customers To Spend More

Would you like to add a drink with your meal? Seasoned fries with your burger? Can I interest you in dessert? Now your food truck line is full, and getting your customers to add one extra item with each ticket can take your food truck sales to a new level. Upselling and developing meal packages will get your customers to increase their bills, and thus your profits.

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Increase Output Speed

The last of the 4 areas to increase food truck sales is the speed of your employees. Now that your food truck line is filled and everyone has increased their ticket totals, there is only one more way to increase your food truck sales…do it again, as many times as you can, every shift you are open. This doesn’t mean you should rush customers through the order process. With that said, it does mean that you should have systems and staff in place to handle the customers that show up to your truck.

  • How easy is your menu to understand? Does your staff have to give detailed explanations for each of your menu items? How much time does this add to que times?
  • Are you able to turn a ticket within 4 minutes of the order? If not, you need to install systems to speed up your turn around times. If you can speed up the cooking process (think prep work and efficient kitchen layout) you can reduce the amount of time a customer waits for their order while increasing the number of customers you can serve every shift.
  • Do you have enough registers/POS systems in place? Can you add an express lines, or a separate window for call ahead order pick-up?

The Bottom Line

Increase food truck sales potential in your mobile food business by mastering these four areas. Do you have any additional food truck sales tips? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter