The Walking Dead is currently one of the most successful cable shows on television. The show follows a group of survivors living in a zombie filled apocalypse.

There is a lot to be learned from this world over taken by zombies. Some might even say its a survivors guide to the real world.With the latest season getting ready to premier this weekend, here are 5 business lessons from The Walking Dead  mobile food vendors should learn.

5 Food Truck Business Lessons From The Walking Dead

You Need A Good Team:

Rick is the leader, Daryl the hunter, Glen is the go to guy for gathering things. All the members of the group have specific jobs depending on their skills. As a food truck owner, you need to identify the strengths of your staff. This will help you keep everyone engaged and doing what they do best.

Have A Plan:

Strategy is what has kept the survivors alive for the past four seasons. Similarly, without a business or marketing strategy for your food truck it will be difficult to succeed. Plan ahead; understand your team and what your limitations are.

Be Noisy:

At those times when you don’t feel like developing a new menu item or promotion, remember that if you make enough noise, the dead will come running. If your mobile food business is sitting in park or spinning in the mud, nothing will happen and the zombies with simply stumble past your truck. If you want to get their attention and get more business, make some noise. Without action, your mobile food business will remain stagnant. Take positive action to achieve positive results.

Be Faster:

Just like running from the dead, getting ahead in the mobile food industry is not complicated; just pick up the speed. What do your competitors really have over you? It’s not nearly as much as you might think. Look around; many of the existing food trucks in your community may have more resources, but they also have many more zombies in their ranks slowing them down. If you put the time in, add some focus, make some noise and run a little faster, you’ll get ahead, fast.

Stay On Your Feet:

If you want to succeed as a food truck vendor you cannot let anyone keep you down. Running a food truck is tough and some of your competition or local business owners will be lined up to knock you down as soon as you open your service window for the first time. Whatever happens, get back up and keep moving forward.

Although some might dismiss this popular program as another way television executives have tapped into a pop-culture fad, we see it as a show that provides valuable lessons for any food truck owner. To survive in the fast growing mobile food industry, vendors must learn to adapt or suffer the fate of many on the show…death.

These are only five business lessons from The Walking Dead that food truck vendors can learn. What other business lessons have you learned from the show? We’re eager to hear your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter