If you spend any time reading management books, there are often many examples of styles suggested for use. Food truck vendors have to perform many roles in their organization and how they handle various situations will depend on their food truck management style. A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager.

Vendors have to perform many roles in their food truck. How they handle various situations will depend on their management style. A management style is an overall method of leadership. There are two contrasting styles that will be broken down into smaller subsets later:

  • Autocratic 
  • Permissive

Each style has its own characteristics:

Autocratic: Leader makes all decisions unilaterally.

Permissive: Leader permits subordinates to take part in decision making and also gives them a considerable degree of autonomy in completing routine work activities.

How To Avoid A One Size Fits All Food Truck Management Style

Instead of managing everyone in your food truck business the same way, do these two things to manage your employees person-to-person.

  • Customize the position. Know what each employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferences are. If an employee doesn’t want to manage people, don’t make them do it. If they are a “people” person, don’t put them in charge of your service window.
  • Customize the rewards. Employees want different perks. A parent may want flex time while an ambitious, recent culinary school grad may be looking for additional training. Give people what they want, not what you or your managers have decided is best for them to have.

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The Bottom Line

Management style is so hard to put your finger on, but a good manager gives clear directions to their food truck staff and actually stays pretty hands-off, but is ready and available to jump in to offer guidance, expertise, and help when needed.

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