As the mobile food industry grows, food trucks are popping up everywhere. Competition is always fierce in business, but it can be especially brutal for a new food truck. So how can new vendors separate themselves from their competition (food trucks and restaurants) but stay true to themselves? What is the most effective way to distinguish your food truck brand and become successful? Today we share some tips to help food truck owners at beating the competition.

Beating The Competition As A Food Truck Owner

  • Know your competition. Learn who your direct and indirect competitors are. Knowing what they are offering, can help food truck vendors make your menu and customer service stand out. This will enable you to set your prices competitively and help you to respond to rival marketing campaigns with your own.
  • Create a unique brand personality. New food trucks need to create a new, authentic brand that’s relevant to their market. Most food truck startups don’t have big marketing budgets. You need to use creativity to develop a fun brand personality that resonates with the consumers in your area. Say things our competitors won’t, connect directly with your fans on social media, and engage our customers in a fun way.
  • Provide high quality products. A food truck can compete consistently by offering a higher quality menu that meets its customers’ needs. This is especially true if your competition is offering products that are not scratch made.
  • Maintain superior service and convenience. Good customer service is expected, but going above and beyond what your customers have come to expect builds great customer loyalty. Strive to cater to your customer needs and they’ll deeply appreciate the efforts you’ve made and will likely spread the word to others.
  • Deliver your orders quickly. As hungry consumers are continually pressed for time, speed is often a big reason they choose a food truck to order a meal. Keeping your turn around from order to delivery under 4 minutes while maintaining quality and consistency can be a powerful differentiation between you and your competitors.

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The Bottom Line

Ultimately, when you look at what marketing your food truck really boils down to the process of communicating the value of your menu and service. There are a variety of ways to talk about the food and services you offer. But to really beat the competition you have to be recognized as creative, unique a fantastic place to eat at.

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