With the latest blizzards making their way through the Midwest, there aren’t many places better being snowed-in than in your food truck. Here are a few benefits and tips for those of you stuck in your truck.

Benefits to Being Snowed-In In Your Food Truck

  • You have a phone or smartphone with Twitter on it – Tweet your followers your location, and offer them a free meal if they come out to get you out.
  • being snowed-inYou have a fully stocked kitchen. No need to worry about starving, you and your employees should be set on food until you are rescued.
  • You may get a few sales in from those who are stuck in the same area you are. Turn your generator on and open your service window to let the folks know you are open.
  • You aren’t alone. Most trucks have a couple of people on them every shift and some are even spouses. If it starts getting cold in the truck, you have someone you know to share body heat with.
  • Your truck is tall, if the snow gets too high, at least the top of the truck won’t be covered like the cars out there with you.
  • If you have a shovel, you can create an entire seating area outside of your truck to give your fellow snow stuck a place to sit down and enjoy the meal they just purchased from you.

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On a serious note: Mobile Cuisine would like to ask you to please be careful out there. If the weather is dictating that you stay at home, do it. There is no reason to endanger yourself or your food truck employees when the weather gets like this.