A strength becomes a weakness when it is used excessively. Because of this, you need to understand that many of the qualities responsible for getting successful food truck owners to where we are can also hold them back. Its  been said that you should build on natural talent to maximize strengths rather than try to improve weaknesses. Today we will discuss how to avoid overusing these 3 double-edged strengths that can also be weaknesses.

Beware Of These 3 Strengths That Can Also Be Weaknesses

  • Persistence. Willingness to persevere despite obstacles has created many great innovations and is often the foundation for successful food truck start-ups. However, persistence can easily turn to stubbornness. Stick with your ideas when you know you are right as long as you have supporting evidence. Be willing to abandon your position when signs show you need help or redirection.
  • Control. Early phases of mobile business growth require the truck owner to be involved in all its operations. But as your food truck empire grows, that maniacal attention to detail can be counterproductive. Recognize the importance of delegation and let go when it’s time.
  • Loyalty. Close ties inevitably form when people work together day in and out, and loyal relationships can yield great results. However, you need to know when loyalty is clouding your judgment in assessing capabilities and skill gaps.

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The Bottom Line

Taking these strengths too far has consequences. Don’t fall into the trap of emphasizing your strengths without considering how they could hurt your food truck business. Toning down your strengths is a much different approach than improving on weakness. Keeping a strength under control is about refining it. It requires learning to be more selective about what situations call for that strength and determining how much of it is enough.

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