As the years go on, and the growth of the food truck industry expands and morphs, mobile food vendors more than ever need to scrutinize their operations and customer service to maintain a competitive advantage.

To survive the increasingly competitive industry in what seems to be a continual uncertain economy we offer these suggestions to help food truck and food cart vendors stay relevant in their market, maximize their profits and keep (or build one) their competitive advantage.

5 Tips To Keep Your Food Truck’s Competitive Advantage

Train Staff Members

Food truck owners and managers need to get their staff to stop waiting on customers and start selling.

We’ve seen too many servers only take orders instead of taking the opportunity to sell. Customers rely on servers to make the right suggestions and provide them a great experience. Also, when your staff is trained to upsell, you make more money. A satisfied customer will become repeat customer as well as a brand advocate.

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Create Strategic Alliances

In today’s mobile food industry, food trucks should make it a priority to reach as many local businesses as possible.

Partner with complementary businesses such as micro-breweries, bars, retail shops, local events and festivals. This is a highly effective way to get your food truck brand in front of more of your community.

Analyze Your Market

Consumer preferences and food truck technology are always changing. Vendors must constantly review their own operation, menu, and pricing along with their competitors.

Compare the pricing of your food suppliers, credit card processors, commercial kitchens and payroll providers annually (or more).

Put Good Systems In Place

Consistent kitchen procedures, portion control and food presentation each directly impact a food truck’s bottom line.

If you don’t have systems in place to maintain low cost consistency, it time to implement some. If you already have good systems in place keep an eye on them to avoid any setbacks.

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Control Costs

We often discuss the ways of losing money as a food truck vendor, but there are several things you can do to cut potential losses by changing how you do business.

  • Know and understand your prime operating costs, including food and labor. Never give up on improving the numbers.
  • Conduct monthly cost comparisons. Compare your top inventory items and then price shop them with at least 2 different suppliers in your area.
  • Ensure maximum use of all ingredients by using them throughout your menu

The Bottom Line

We hope these suggestions keep your food truck’s competitive advantage rolling along. If you think we may of missed any ways stay competitive in the mobile food industry, share your thoughts in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook