Running a food truck has never and will never be easy. Over the years of covering the food truck industry we’ve been able to learn many of the top tips from the most successful mobile food vendors to help you build your business and keep on truckin’. Today we present our readers with a list of 15 food truck management tips to help improve their bottom line.

15 Food Truck Management Tips

Lead by example

Leading by example is the first of our food truck management tips. Don’t tell your employees to do something you won’t do, and if you notice that your staff is hesitant to perform a specific task, do it with them the first time around.

Learn and use local marketing strategies

Participate in local events can grow your brand and drive business for a minimal cost.

Focus on great service

In our growing foodie culture there are plenty of places to eat. Make a visit to your food truck a special place for the food and the way your customers are treated.

Keep the staff optimistic

Negative emotions are contagious. If your staff is feeling down (for whatever reason), their performance will drop and customers will quickly catch on.

Build trust

This makes it easier to clear up problems in areas such as scheduling or personal relationships, and helps your employees work together effectively.

Get in there and do it

When the rush hits, pitch in as needed. You’ll gain respect in the eyes of your employees you’re your customers.

Be consistent with your discipline

Don’t pick favorites, your entire staff will know. Maintaining a strict and consistent set of disciplinary rules with no exceptions will result in your staff trusting you more and sticking to the rules you set.

Plan ahead

Don’t let surprises happen. Keep an eye on your truck’s inventory closely and order as needed, schedule with vacations, special events, and extra tasks in mind.

Communicate with your team

Hold daily shift meetings, monthly staff meetings, and performance reviews. Keep your employees informed about goals (yours and theirs) and policy changes.

Be a leader

A food truck, much like a ship, needs a leader. You need to lead your food truck team. If you personally can’t be there, a manager should always be present.

Keep your cool

Don’t blow up at employees. You need to understand that mistakes are part of human nature. Instead of assigning blame, look for solutions.

Multi-task and delegate

Delegate where necessary, and do more than one task at a time. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of your food truck owner duties. Get the best mileage out of your time by maximizing it, and if necessary, have additional staff on the truck for busy shifts.

Know your food truck customers

Learn your regulars’ names, favorite meals, and drinks. Greet everyone you recognize by name.

Run and read daily reports

You will learn quickly that the data in these magical reports is your best friend. Look for trends, and see how you can improve your sales while cutting losses.

Calculate prime costs weekly or daily

The last of our food truck management tips deals with prime cost. Keeping a closer watch on this data will help you improve sales totals, inventory use, and profits.

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The Bottom Line

Use these food truck management tips to build your business the right way. Build profits by building a strong foundation that can weather the ebb and flow of a food truck vendors busy year.

Do you have any additional food truck management tips for new food truck vendors? If so, please feel free to share them on social media.  Twitter | Facebook