A common complaint people have about being part of a mobile food organization is that they are often forced to suffer through worthless meetings. Yet, organization meetings are an important way to get work done and help spread news about the local market.

Make Your Food Truck Organization Meetings Worthwhile

Instead of wasting people’s time, follow these steps to make your food truck organization meeting valuable to your members.

  • Keep it small. Only invite people who need to attend and who can directly help achieve the meeting’s objectives.
  • Prepare and circulate an agenda. Without an agenda, you’ll no doubt waste time agreeing on what you are there to do and how you’ll do it.
  • Be mindful of time. Always underestimate how much a group meeting can accomplish. Keep the meeting as short as possible while still achieving its objectives. If you go late, don’t hold people captive, schedule a follow up meeting.
  • Take minutes. Because not all of your members will be able to make a meeting because of their busy schedules. Make sure you designate someone you trust to take the minutes of your organization meetings. As the meeting organizer, you want to make sure this power rests either in your hands or in the hands of someone you trust.
  • Follow up. Spend a few minutes with each meeting participant after you send out the meeting minutes. Answer any questions they might have. This personal touch makes a huge difference in how well people react the next time you call them to a meeting.

By following these simple tips, you can run more effective organization meetings.

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The Bottom Line

It’s easy to disparage those tedious organization meetings that are run by someone else, but are your own meetings any more useful and productive? We hope these pointers will help ensure that your fellow members don’t cringe every time they receive a meeting notice with your food truck organization meetings schedule.

How do you make your food truck organization meeting more effective? Share your thoughts in the comment section or on social media. Facebook | Twitter