For food truck owners  to think outside the box is not so much a perception, but an attitude. If you really think about it, nothing is ever really outside of the box because we all live in the same world and see the same things. It is how we interpret all these things differently, individually. Food truckers look around, see things they like, and then create unique combinations of those elements or put their own spin on them.

Food Truck Owners And Why They Think Outside the Box

To think outside the box is about trying to bring creative energy and imagination to typically ordinary things. In the world or the food truck owner, this would include such things as fusing two completely unrelated cuisines to create fantastic and fun menus.

In the years of covering the mobile food industry I have found that most food truck owners love taking old worn out traditional cuisine concepts and spinning them into modern chef-driven menu items that appeal to diners who are looking for high-quality and innovative food. Their goal is for you to walk up to their service window and feel like a million bucks while only spending $10 or $20.  To them, that is a great value, and they strive for their customers to think so, too.

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How You Can Think Outside The Box

To think outside the box is also a way of doing business. It is as much an ethical decision as a personal growth decision, and a passion. While doing business outside the box certainly is not the easiest way to do business. Sometimes customers don’t care about some of the little unique things that you do, but then again sometimes you hit something truly great and it becomes a competitive advantage for your mobile food business. The day food truck owners begin looking around at the most popular and successful food truck or restaurant concepts and just start copying them will be the day the industry begins to fade.

Your customers should walk up to your service counter and know that they have just stepped up to something special. You are not in business to just serve food for sustenance. You are in existence to create unique five-sensory experiences at a great value.

Of course, thinking outside the box, can get a mobile food vendor into trouble. Anytime you are doing things differently than everyone else it can cost you significantly more money. It can also be much harder to find your unique ingredients. There is also the fear that your customers will not embrace your unique concept or menu.

Many of the industry leaders have stepping into uncharted territory. Because of this, you have nothing to verify that what you are doing differently is actually going to work. With that said, when asking these same industry leaders most would not want to do it any other way. Without great risks there can be no great rewards.

The Bottom Line

The primary reason many of the chef’s chose to open a food truck is because of the freedom of expression and creativity it allows them. With the independence of developing their menu, the layout and design of their rolling kitchens and the locations they frequent. It allows them to put their soul into their work.

As long as food truck owners continue to strive to do everything that revolves around their business and think outside of the box while staying within the confines of a realistic budget, the growth of this industry will never fade.

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