With market signs pointing to a slower retail holiday selling season, food truck operators could take a hit from this slow down. Because of these signs, it is up to you to maximize every customer visit your truck receives.  Here are a few suggestions Mobile Cuisine Magazine has put together to help increase your sales during these last few weeks of the holiday season.

Stocking Stuffers – If your truck or website normally sells merchandise outside of your usual fare, make sure to have them displayed at your customer service window. If you sell T-Shirts, make sure to have your employees wearing them. While customers may be out shopping, they may have taken a break from to have lunch or dinner, give them a reason to buy your merchandise as Christmas gifts since you are providing them a way to kill two birds with one stone. You could create a whole stocking stuffer display to entice customers to buy one or more additional items.

Samples – If they try it, there is a good chance they will buy it.  Make sure you have you daily specials available for taste testing and use signage, or have your employees interact to get customers to try different offering. The chance for a sale rises significantly if you can put your food  in the customer’s mouth.

A warm drink is the way to make them stay
– Offering a warm beverage like coffee or apple cider will get customers to linger longer.  It gives them time to scope out more of your menu as they stand around enjoying their beverage.  This may lead them to more menu items than they had planned on, resulting in increased sales leads.

Show your holiday spirit – It may not be economical to re-wrap your truck, but at the same time, decorating the interior of the truck or having some holiday themed signage around the truck will help to keep your customers in the spirit of the holidays, and at the same time will show that you are supporting them with your own.

How are you maximizing your sales with every customer walking up to your truck? If you have any additional suggestion, please feel free to add your comments below.