The gourmet food truck industry has been quickly growing since 2008. One of the best investments you can make when operating or starting a mobile food business is to join a food truck association. Today we’ll explain why individual vendors should consider joining an association this year.

Why It’s Important To Join A Food Truck Association

Local and regional food truck associations represent owners at local levels of government. Others others provide member benefit programs and offer invaluable industry contacts and a knowledge base that can help you be more efficient and profitable.

The real monetary value of a well-run association far exceeds the dues. If you only consider the governmental lobbying representation. Add the other benefits and membership can be the difference between success and failure in starting a food truck.

No one argues that starting or operating a food truck in today’s business environment is not a complex and time consuming task. Laws vary from one municipality to the next. Staying on top of regulations and how they affect your mobile food business can be tough.

Food truck association membership can help you navigate the web of bureaucratic and regulatory problems. Many associations provide information and assistance on legal and management issues. This includes worker’ compensation. Also, as they help you avoid obstacles and challenges, these associations help keep your mobile food business on course toward financial success.

Association membership keeps you in touch with your industry peers, both in your area but in some cases, across the country. You can learn what other food trucks are doing via social media; however, associations are for more than social clubs. They give food truck vendors a collective voice that’s necessary in today’s political environment.

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The Bottom Line

A collective voice is only as loud as the number of its individual voices. More members mean greater representation and bargaining power. This allows for better, broader and more affordable benefits. Participation in your a local or even the association makes common sense. It is also the right thing to do for your business, your employees, your fellow food truckers.

A network, a voice, and a rich source of business resources are ingredients for success in the mobile food industry. That’s why your association deserves your support and membership dollars.

Join An Association Today!

We invite the leaders or representatives of local, regional and national food truck associations to list their group at in the comment section. If you are a leader of your local food truck association, consider joining the National Food Truck Association today.