As the owner of a food truck, you are required to wear many hats.  There are numerous activities that need to be completed every day and many times you are the only person who is capable to get them done.  The vendor has the most at stake and, ultimately, the buck stops with you.

With all of the activities that you must do daily to grow and build your food truck and to ensure that your vision becomes a reality there are three critical roles that you must play: Strategic planning, Rain making, and growing other leaders. Maintaining focus on these activities will ensure that your food truck is in place to maximize the potential of your mobile food business.

Top 3 Critical Leadership Duties For A Food Truck Owner


Understand where your food truck is headed and understanding what it takes to get you there is critical the first of your critical leadership duties. This ensures that you, your employees, and suppliers that are engaged in the success of your business.

You need to have a strong vision and mission as well as annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly objectives. These objectives must be well communicated throughout your food truck stake holders.  This allows everyone to understand what your priorities are for your food truck business.

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Become your food truck’s visionary and its biggest cheerleader.  You need to meet (or communicate via over social media) your customers on a regular basis. This will to help you understand their needs and to understand how your food truck is positioned to fill their needs.

Your customers will ultimately drive your business forward and you need to understand their needs.  Being the chief salesperson of your food truck is a strategic part of what will make your truck successful both now and in the future.  Make support for your food truck one of your top leadership duties.

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Growing Employees

Believe your food truck is a one man show? You aren’t alone in this industry. But as you grow, it won’t be long before you begin hiring employees.  At this point your leadership duties will need to include growing other leaders within your company.  It’s your job to help your staff grow with you as your mobile food business grows.

It is imperative that they have understand your vision of where your business is headed. It will then be up to you to help them acquire the skills that the business will require as it grows.  If you do it right, your time and help will have created the future leaders of your food truck empire.

Build an organization that does not require you to make every decision. This requires that you to trust the decision making of people that work for you.  This is a common mistake that many food truck leaders make as they can’t let go of the day-to-day decision making.

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The Bottom Line

Planning, support, and growing the future leaders of your food truck are three critical leadership duties vendors must have. Use them to ensure your business maximizes its potential.  Among all the activities that you have to do on a day to day basis, make sure that you pay appropriate attention to these critical activities.

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