With food truck businesses demanding more and more from their people (this includes owners) these days, time-pressed employees have to scramble to keep up. The problem lies in how to keep our energy level high to ensure that you finish your most important tasks each day. If you  manage your energy, you can bring your best performance to any activity that comes up, whether it’s being 100% present in conversations with staff members or customer, coming up with a creative twist for your next daily special, or fully focusing on a critical task.

You may not be able to make the day any longer, but you can replenish your energy. To manage your energy use these simple steps to help you work smarter, and prevent burn out.

4 Ways To Manage Your Energy

  • Take brief but regular breaks. Step away from the truck when you can. Take a walk, get a drink (non-alcholic), or just stretch your legs.
  • Say thank you. Being positive boosts your energy level. Regularly express appreciation to others including your employees and customers.
  • Reduce interruptions. Perform off the truck tasks that need concentration away from phones and email. Instead, designate specific times in your day to respond to messages.
  • Do what you love. Understand where your strengths lie and what you enjoy doing. Find ways to do more of those things and less of what tires you out. Managing your energy means being authentic at work and encouraging others to do the same. Discover your strengths, make room for your team to use theirs, and as a result, you’ll be able to unleash greater performance as a food truck team.

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The Bottom Line

Learning to manage your time is essential as a food truck owner. The process of prioritizing tasks, gauging the time needed to complete those tasks, and arranging them throughout the ay is an important part of maximizing productivity. But the problem with time management is that time is a finite resource. The next time you’re headed for a big shift or event, make sure you manage your energy.

For those of you who already manage your energy, what did I miss in the list above? How else do you balance hard work with rest and play? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter