We all have them: those days when nothing goes right. Bad days happen to the best of us. Whether you had a bad day due to issues with an employee, supplier or customer, we have all experienced a bad day. But it’s important to get over your bad day and rid yourself of negative feelings so you can move on and  start fresh.

To avoid taking the stress home, try doing three things at the end of a bad day.

5 Ways To Leave That Bad Day At Work

  • Clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths. Think about the things that matter to you outside of the food truck. Prepare yourself mentally to walk out the door of the commissary and leave that bad day behind (even if it’s already night).
  • Find some quiet. Seek out a space that is quiet and isolated so you can process your emotions and release any stress or tension.Try to find a spot with no phones, computers, or co-workers or friends who can interrupt you.
  • Do something easy. Send off a report or reply to a few straightforward e-mails. Get some things off your to-do list to restore a sense  of control.
  • Get up and leave. Once you’ve completed the last task at the commissary prepping for the next shift, don’t check your email. Just leave.
  • Accept that today might not be your day. Being in a bad mood while trying to force yourself to cheer up can just make you more upset. So rather than fight your bad day, acknowledge that you are having a hard time so you can then accept it and process it.

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The Bottom Line

No one said running a food truck was going to be easy. But you can find joy in your life by focusing on the good stuff. Also, be grateful for the awesome things that are going right in your life.

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