tip of the dayWith the 2013 ROAM Conference taking place in Portland this weekend we thought this would be a timely tip of the day.

When it comes to networking, quality has always mattered more than quantity of individuals you network with. But how do you meet the right people? One way is to ask for introductions. Reach out to the influential people in your network and ask them to put you in touch with others. Be specific about the introductions you want and why you want them.

Explain what you are trying to achieve and the kind of contacts that would help you get there. Are you seeking your next job opportunity? Are you looking for ways to promote yourself? If you’re uncomfortable with being bold, remember that people enjoy helping others and you can always return the favor with some introductions of your own.

And if it helps…feel free to walk right up to me while at ROAM. I don’t bite, and love to share information on the mobile food industry. I’d love to meet you.