Pictures are said to say 1000 words and it is absolutely true when it comes to selling a food truck. The perfect food truck ad will show off your food truck in the best light and help you sell as fast as possible.

Take photos that show food truck shoppers why they should buy your vehicle. Here’s a fun article on how to get great automotive photos with your iPhone.

Follow these tips to select the right photos for your food truck ad:

Highlight Special Features

Show buyers what you love about your food truck, cart or trailer. Include special features that make your vehicle stand out from other ads. If the low mileage is a key selling point in your truck, show a picture of the odometer.


Take pictures that prove to shoppers you aren’t hiding anything. Take the pictures in a well-lit location and show as much of the vehicle as possible. Shoot photos clear of other vehicles/objects in the background keeping the focus on the vehicle or use a simple, non-distracting background.

If you’re pricing your food truck above market value, you’ll need to prove it’s condition with photos. Similarly, don’t be afraid to show dings and dents – shoppers know that these are all parts of buying a used food truck.

Which Photos Should I Post?

Every ad has the ability to post 5 pictures. The first photo of a vehicle should always be a Passenger’s Side Three Point angle (this makes the truck’s “face” ad). Do not reveal the age of the photo by its surroundings. Most importantly, use all 5 of the photo slots provided for you.

Buyers want as much detail about your food truck as possible. They also want to know why it is different than the others listed on Mobile Cuisine. Show off that new kitchen, show off your generator, and show off that spotless cab interior. Buyers also want to know what’s wrong with the vehicle. Don’t be afraid of posting pictures of scrapes and dings. This helps build your credibility and will prevent any surprises when the buyer comes to look at your truck. Recommended photos include:

Exterior photos

  • Left front (offset)
  • Front
  • Right front (offset)
  • Left side
  • Right side

Interior photos

  • Interior dash
  • Driver’s seat
  • Kitchen
  • Individual pieces of kitchen equipment
  • Odometer

Other photos

  • Engine
  • Generator

Once you’ve taken your photos and are ready to place your food truck ad, head over to our Food Trucks for Sale section to place your ad.

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The Bottom Line

Selling a food truck can seem to be as difficult as starting one if it isn’t done correctly. Use these tips to develop a proper food truck ad to eliminate the hassle.

Have you sold a food truck? Share your thoughts on creating a food truck ad in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media, Facebook | Twitter