Whether it’s a snow storm that hit your area, your truck has broken down or your generator has created a power outage on the truck, disruptions to your mobile food business service can be devastating. Learning how to respond to a food truck crisis can often be the difference between a mere interruption and a disaster.

How To React To A Food Truck Crisis

Next time you are faced with a food truck crisis, try these suggestions:

  • Figure out what happened. Too many times, food truck vendors leap into action without assessing the situation first. Find out exactly what is going wrong and what’s causing it.
  • Act promptly. Don’t wait for all of the data to come in. Once you have a firm grasp on the situation, begin taking action. Don’t act frazzled because that only worries people. Act with deliberateness and speed.
  • Adapt. Don’t stick to a single strategy. Circumstances will change and new information will come to light. Be prepared to change your course of action if necessary.
  • Show that you are in control. When events happen quickly, no one may have control, but a strong leader can assume control. In other words, you don’t control the disaster, but you can control the response. A strong food truck owner puts themselves into the action and brings in the needed people and resources to get past the crisis.

The measure of a food truck vendor is often tested during a food truck crisis. And those owners who can engage directly, but still maintain their sense of perspective, are the ones that will help their food truck survive.

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The Bottom Line

Next time you feel the pressure of a food truck crisis, stop and evaluate your reaction and the impact you are having on your team. You need to provide direction and stability. Remember that your staff takes their queues from you. Demonstrate the behaviors you want to see from them.

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