The key to success in the mobile food industry is understanding that the food you serve has to be more than just offering a meal; today’s food truck customers want a great experience. Food truck vendors can connect and attract customers to their service windows by implementing one or more of these five strategies.

5 Food Truck Strategies To Attract Customers

Share Your Process

The programming on The Cooking Channel and Food Network has changed consumers forever. Today’s “foodies” are more interested in knowing where ingredients come from and how their food is made more than ever. You and your food truck staff need to be ready to answer customer questions honestly and able to explain your decisions. If your find that your local market objects to some of your practices, consider ways to adjust them so they better align with their values.

Engage With Your Customers

Use social media, loyalty programs or other marketing tactics to receive and respond to customer feedback. Ask your customers to help you with menu suggestion. This will give them a sense of partnership with your food truck brand. If you are receiving requests for gluten-free or vegan menu items, consider responding to them. If one person in a group six wants a vegan option and you can’t provide it, then there is a chance all six will take their business to a truck that will.

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Make It Fun

The best way to improve a consumer’s time at your truck is to offer unusual items as specials mesh with your food truck brand. These unique and fun specials will help to draw attention to your truck’s standard menu items, and in turn will increase your sales. Special items will help your food truck get noticed, and possibly draw positive attention in local media as well as social media.

Provide Healthy Choices

Offer your customers healthy choices, even if your concept is pizza. To many of today’s health conscience consumers, a small healthy selection can justify a fairly less healthy full order. According to psychologists, ordering a grilled chicken taco instead of the breaded and deep fried version can justify the addition of an order of fries.

Allow Customers To Customize Orders

Consumers today feel better when they can customize their orders. It’s important that your food truck customers know that you and your staff will happily add, remove or modify their order in any way they prefer. An easy way to do this is to consider making customization part of your ordering process. When consumers are given control of what they’re purchasing to eat, they feel better about themselves and their food.

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The Bottom Line

While some of you may already have some of these strategies part of your food truck operation, many do not. Even if you only implement one of these strategies we feel that any truck can increase the ability to attract customers to their service window.

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