Whether you replied to all when you should have forwarded, or you sent an email with a silly typo, most food truck owners have wished for an Undo Send button on at least one occasion. But what about when you say or do something in person that you immediately regret? Instead of regretting, take five seconds before reacting, especially in high-stress or emotional situations.

Research studies on the human brain have shown that by pausing, regulating your breathing, and taking just a few seconds, you are more likely to act rationally instead of foolishly. This time will give you the time you need to think about your thoughts. It will give you time to realize that you were thinking about the situation incorrectly or may have overreacted all together.

3 Primary Reasons To Think Before Reacting

  • Words Have Power
  • Your Words/Actions Will Define You
  • You Can’t Hide From Your Words

People can be careless with the words they choose, especially when on social media. Contrary to what many vendors we’ve spoken with, once the words are out of your mouth, no amount of apologizing will put them back in.

We’ve all done it. That moment when a series of words or our reaction comes out and the instant regret hit you. If you could just think before you react! It doesn’t have to be like this, and with a bit of practice, it’s actually quite easy to prevent.

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The Bottom Line

Giving yourself even a few extra seconds before reacting can make a huge difference. It gives you  the opportunity to pause, make a good choice, and then continue in best direction. This strategy puts the power into your hands to make good decisions and take control of your life and food truck business.

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