Every successful food truck is as good on a slow Monday morning as they are at a large weekend food truck festival. Not only do they have great tasting food, but they are consistent. This is true whether the owner is on the line cooking at one of the stations. Working the service window or taking pictures with guests. At the office scheduling their next catering job. So how do great food trucks maintain consistency in their food? Installing a tasting system into your daily routine is one strategy that many successful food trucks use to maintain consistency in their food.

If a food truck is going to succeed, it must be consistently great just as Zack Brunell has stated, “You are only as good as your last meal.” Different vendors have different strategies. What strategy you use depends on what type of food truck you want to be.

Today we’ll explain how to install a tasting system any food truck can install.

Food Truck Tasting System

Everyday before your first service, have every cook on the truck put up one of each plate that will come from their station. Essentially, every cook (including the owner) has to make one of everything on the menu before they open the service window.

Once the dishes are prepared, you as the owner and/or your food truck managers must taste every component of every dish to make sure that it tastes right. If the seasoning is off or something is under-cooked, the taster needs to explain the problem and the cook will follow up by fixing the dish.

Are an owner who doesn’t spend every shift on your truck? If so, you need managers who have a good sense for how everything should taste. This will allow you to have confidence that every meal leaving your truck tastes the same.

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The Bottom Line

By putting in place a simple tasting system that checks the quality of every dish every day, you can build one of the busiest food trucks in your city. On top of that, because all of your menu dishes is consistently great, many of your customers will continually come back for more.

Do you have a tasting system implemented on your food truck? Do you do anything other than our simple technique? We’d love to hear your thoughts; you can share them in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter