Many people argue that they can’t change. It comes in many forms. Some say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Others claim, “I’m just not wired that way.” Many use the old standby of, “That’s just the way I am.” Maybe and maybe not.

One of the worst habits a food truck owner can have is excusing their behavior with claims such as, “That’s just the way I am!” How many times have you heard, uttered, or thought those words? Today I am going to ask you to please stop saying “It’s uust the way I am” to excuse mediocrity in your food truck.

Stop Using The “That’s Just The Way I Am” Excuse

Stop clinging to bad behaviors because you believe they are essential to who you are. Instead of insisting that you can’t change, think about how these behaviors may be impeding the success of those around you.

Don’t think of these behaviors as character traits, but as possibilities for improvement. You’ll be surprised by how easily you can change when it helps you succeed.

Living with mediocrity or incompetence in business because, “it’s just the way I am” is not an excuse. Actually, it is an excuse. Just a really bad one. Don’t let anything hinder your ability to do what is needed to make your food truck a success. You don’t have the option to let it slide.

Instead of defending your words or actions by saying, “that’s just the way I am,” maybe start using, “that’s just the way I was!”

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The Bottom Line

Don’t be a person who hides behind the cloak of me. By doing this, you are choosing conflict, disappointment, and frustration. You are risking alienation from those around you as you plant your flag in one place as they move on. You will become an obstacle in their way as they travel on the path to who they are.

Let “you” be a fluid concept. Learn humility to recognize needed changes and appreciate outside input.

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