Every day, food truck owners meet all types of unexpected surprises. Most of them tend to be minor, but at times, they are huge, causing difficulties and problems for your food truck. The life of a food truck owner is full of surprises that interrupt your daily routine. Some of them might be good and some of them not so much.

The difference between a good food truck and a great food truck can often come down to how the owner and staff are able to cope with unexpected surprises. While some may crumble under the pressure, others will thrive and find ways to overcome adversity.

How do you deal with unexpected surprises?

  • Become stressed.
  • Panic.
  • Get flustered.
  • Become angry.

There are people, who find it difficult to cope not only with negative experiences, but also with positive ones.

Trying to predict the future of your food truck business is futile. Instead of trying to predict what may happen; be ready to respond. When unexpected surprises arrive at your service window, do these three things…

3 Steps To Handling Unexpected Surprises

  • Stop. If you feel pressured to make a decision, stop what you’re doing. Give yourself a chance to think before acting.
  • Assess your options. Don’t waste time wishing things were different. Think about the best outcome in the given situation, the information you have at hand, and the available resources. Then lay out your options.
  • Move forward. Based on your new assessment, make a decision and commit. Even if the decision isn’t ideal, accept that it’s the best under the circumstances.

No matter how routine or habitual life in your truck may seem, there is always the possibility of unexpected surprises waiting for you around the corner. There is no way to avoid it, and for some this can be unsettling. But if you can accept that you can’t plan for everything you will actually be more equipped to tackle these unexpected surprises with confidence.

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The Bottom Line

Life is full of surprises that sometimes, shatter your daily routine. Every day, vendors meet all kinds of unexpected surprises. Most of them are minor, but sometimes, they are major, causing difficulties and problems. The key is how you handle these surprises that will determine your food truck success.

What unexpected surprises have you had to deal with and how did you handle them? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. You can share your stories in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter