What Do You Do With Your Food Truck’s To-Do List Leftovers?

I’m sure most food truck vendors, after a long shift and you’re back at your commissary, cleaning the truck, you’ll look at what wasn’t sold and have to determine if you can use it the next day. Sometimes you’ll say yes, and you do. Sometimes you’ll just toss it, and other times you will say yes and it just sits around, keeping the other forgotten leftovers company, until someone gets rid of it.

How To Handle To-Do List Leftovers

Now, today’s tip isn’t about food. We’re talking about those items that didn’t get done that day, that week, that month…the loose ends that remain on your to-do list, but often just languish there, on that ever growing list.

However like that the leftovers from yesterday, leaving it in the refrigerator forever is not a good idea. Items left on the to-do list pile up, adding to the feeling of overwhelm, nagging at you, sucking away at your motivation, focus and energy, or irritating those you do business with.

And after a while, certain to-do list leftovers may become issues or develop into crises, like that invoice that didn’t go out, that bill that didn’t get paid, that customer you didn’t respond to, or that menu you forgot to write.

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Unlike most of our “Tips of the Day” where we provide a tip to help solve a problem…today we’d like to hear from vendors to see what you do with those to-do list leftovers.

So what do you do with your left over to-do list items? Share your solutions in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter

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