With the mobile food industry continuing to grow we are constantly on the look out to assist both the owner operators as well as the customers of these rolling bistros. From time to time we run polls to gain industry information that truck owners can use to help better their customer service and the options that they provide to the communities that they serve.

Today’s poll is aimed at the customers of San Francisco Public Parking that inhabit most of the major cities in the country. What we would like to know is where you would like to see food trucks show up more. If you do select “other”, please submit a comment below to let us know where or what type of location you would like to see food trucks in your area (you can submit up to 4 selections).

[poll id=”11″]

Do you find it difficult to find them at your lunch hour, over the weekend, or even after hours when you are out clubbing in your area? Let us know your thoughts, we will continue this poll through the week and will share the results shortly after the time the poll closes.