Food truck catering has become a valuable source of income for mobile food vendors. From private parties to wedding receptions, food truck owners have found a great way to endear themselves to the communities they operate in. While many food truck owners find these types of catering events a great alternative to hitting the streets two or three times a day, five to six times a week, some we have spoken with have had issues knowing how to close more catering jobs and thus lose out on the opportunity altogether.

There always seems to be three plans of attack when it comes to meeting with the couples. The pitch planned before meeting the couple, the one that is actually made, and the one they wish they’d given afterwards. Most truck owners have had the thought after sitting down with a party or bridal couple who is undecided or who never called back. Was it something we said? Or, perhaps, was it something that was left unsaid?

Great salespeople ask the right questions at the right time, keep their mouths shut, listen and take copious notes. That’s why they’re great and why they close more sales than other salespeople who start talking and never stop.

Close More Catering Jobs With These Questions

Here are 10 questions that will close more catering jobs while meeting with party or wedding couples and discussing food truck catering proposals. Their answers to each of these questions will help you identify things that they will not tell you if you ask them directly – all you need to do is listen.

  1. What would you like to know about our food truck catering business?
  2. Why did you decide to meet with us?
  3. What is of high importance and what is of lesser importance for services such as food? Is it the venue, bar service, music, etc.?
  4. Are there particular areas that you would like to discuss today?
  5. What do you want your guests to say about your party or reception?
  6. In deciding which catering company to use, what’s most important to you?
  7. What aspects do you like about us, our business and our proposal? I sense that you have some hesitation. Can you help me to understand what is behind that?
  8. What aspects concern you?
  9. Who will be making the final catering decision? Is there anyone else who I need to meet with?
  10. From your perspective, what is the next step?

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The Bottom Line

Obviously, there are hundreds of additional questions, but these are great starters, and we guarantee if begin asking your prospective clients and listen intently (and between the lines), you will considerably close more catering jobs.

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